Welcome Law Enforcement Software Solutions

Law Enforcement Software Solutions who created first web application for Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting, Daily Activity Log, and Texas Racial Profiling Tracking.

Law Enforcement Software Solutions understands that law enforcement and public safety agencies increasingly are being asked to do more with less staff, less money and less technology. The cost for hardware and software solutions are out of reach for many small and medium-sized agencies. Law Enforcement Software Solutions will help your agency meet your goals with cost-effective solutions.

Our solutions enable your agency to provide high-quality services to your constituents, while maximizing limited resources.

Service and Software Solutions

  • Traffic Stop Reporting (Racial Profiling Reporting)
  • TSR-Hosted Edition (Software as a Service Solution)
  • TSR-LAN Edition
  • Texas Racial Profiling Reporting Program
  • Police Daily Activity Plus Log
  • We create Custom Design Web Application

Our Goal

Provide cost-effective easy to use technology solutions for law enforcement agencies. We designed Traffic Stop Reporting (TSR) as affordable solutions for agencies to meet city, county, or state reporting requirements.

Contact Information

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